Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making A Commitment-The Meaning, The Value and The Importance

In the game of life we all want to achieve greatness. Some want to achieve greatness on a business level. Some of us want to achieve success on a social level. We want to achieve success academically, so that we can build a foundation for achievement in the business world and in a solid social circle. With all great ideas that we want to bring to life, the milestones that we want to achieve and the amazing highs that we want to be on, they all start by doing the hardest, but the most important thing that will allow to make the key steps into reaching those great dreams you have. It is making a commitment.

To become special in this world, to be seen as someone who is one in a million starts with making a commitment. This is you making an agreement to yourself that you will do take the necessary steps to achieve your goal at a certain time in your life. This is you promising yourself that you will from this day forward that you will be different in your approach to certain areas of your life. You are instilling values that will allow you to make a mark on the world.

When you make a commitment to anything in life, there is one thing that comes with it, challenges. What you begin to see right away or as you progress into what you are trying to do, there are going to be obstacles in your way. You will more than anything else have doubters who feel that you do not stand a chance at accomplishing your commitment. You will have to proceed through a commitment in stages, phases, steps and sometimes long processes. Sometimes making a commitment means that you have to put certain things to side like maybe hanging out with your friends, you will have to miss that show you like to watch on television, you may have to get your rest sooner at the end of the day so when the next day comes, you will wake up reading and willing to do what is necessary on that day of the commitment that you have made.

As you go through making the most out of the commitment, you have the chance more than anything to see what you are really made of. What going through a commitment allows you to see above all else is what you can take, what you have to learn to handle and how much you truly care about something. In going through a commitment, you learn to develop character. You begin to see things from a perspective that maybe might not have before. Committing to a goal makes you stronger in the fact that you develop an attitude of not quitting, finishing the task and showing others that getting better may not be easy, but it can be done.

One of the greatest things about commitment is that it can bring people together. When you are part of a group of people that becomes committed, you learn more than anything that you are not alone. People can see your vision of what something can be, is supposed to be, what something can become when the entire group is pointed, going or progressing in the right direction.

Whether you are a kid in the early stages of life or you are an adult who is married, in the workforce, we all are going to make a commitment. We all at one point in our lives are going to want to make something of ourselves, to better who we are individually or a collective body. In order for that dream to become a reality, it takes you looking at yourself in the mirror and making that commitment to yourself that you will take the time, put in the effort, elude every obstacle that stands in your way and make what you want or the group you are a part of wants happen and change the world.

All it takes is a little belief, willingness to put your nose to the grindstone and the understanding that it will not happen over night. It will be a process. When it is achieved, it will change your life. That is commitment.

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